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Our Clients 

IronSclad Solutions supports a variety of clients:  Major aerospace prime contractors to smaller companies focused on increasing new business sales in the Huntsville, Alabama aerospace and defense marketplace.  While ironSclad Solutions’ primary domain knowledge is the Huntsville NASA, Army and Missile Defense Agency customer set, the company has applied its business development expertise to other business areas in strategic planning, new business priority processes, program capture and other business growth activities.

IronSclad Clients and their Goals:
Major aerospace prime contractor with the goal to become a key NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) prime contractor.  In the past, this company had been a key participant in various NASA MSFC programs, but lost their lead over the past 6 years.  IronsClad Solutions provided 4 years of “on the ground” marketing support for this company, increasing their corporate visibility and new business opportunity bids.

Major aerospace prime focused on missile defense and NASA space programs who wants honest customer feedback on work performance and community opinions of their small business activities.  IronsClad Solutions, in partnership with another small Huntsville business, provided 4 years of critical marketing information to assist in their program planning activities.

Small modeling and simulation company located in California with goals to increase their business base at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and the Army’s Space and Missile Defense Command through direct customer contracts and relationship development with other companies.  Through ironSclad Solutions support in customer and company marketing, this client has secured roles on key Army and NASA contracts and increased their corporate presence in Huntsville – thus achieving their corporate goals.

Small software development company located in Massachusetts with the goal to establish a Huntsville business base.  This company is now on the Army Omnibus contract for future business, and on teams to bid the Army’s Space and Missile Defense Command technical support contract.  IronsClad Solutions put this company on key winning teams.

Small engineering and missile development company who has significant missile defense work, but wanted to increase their customer base at NASA MSFC now enjoys a growing presence on the NASA omnibus contract supporting the new launch vehicle program.  IronsClad Solutions supported their business and Congressional strategy for 3 years to win this new effort.

Small information technology company based in Texas had a goal to open a Huntsville office and win local business.  IronsClad Solutions provided 3 years of business development support, and this company now has its own office, and is developing significant local business.

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