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  IronSclad Solutions, Inc.

What We Do
IronSclad Solutions, Inc. realizes the value of new business money to companies.  By utilizing the combined business development expertise of IronSclad Solutions, Inc., companies are able to capitalize on this experience and focus on the growth task at hand with minimum risk and expense.  Through IronSclad Solutions, Inc., companies hire the business development capability they need at a price much more affordable than dedicated company personnel.

How We Do It
IronSclad Solutions, Inc. works “hand-in-hand” with your company developing your capture strategy plan.  We become your business development team, working with you, setting up customer appointments, going with you on meetings, following up, and determining the key next steps required to capture what is most valuable to you – Your New Business.

IronSclad Solutions, Inc. works confidentially with each client.  We require non-disclosure agreements with each customer to ensure this confidentiality.  We also will not work on any assignment that will cause a conflict of interest.  IronSclad Solutions, Inc. believes strongly in the importance of customer relationships.

What We Provide
Legislative and business development professionals who have served in key positions in Congress, major aerospace and defense companies.  Professionals that know the entire business development spectrum:  Former Vice Presidents for business development at company profit/loss centers; Washington, DC and Field Office marketing; strategic planning; public relations and event planning; marketing material development; capture and contact plan development and implementation; and legislative strategy development.

Each company is treated as an individual.  As a client, you will have a dedicated lead account manager from IronSclad Solutions, Inc.  This account manager will be available to you whenever needed.  Business issues requiring quick decisions must be met, so immediate access is delivered by IronSclad Solutions, Inc.

We Work With You
We work with you to develop a plan that meets your needs, and together we will develop the contact plan and arrange the customer meetings, follow up and determine the proper next steps.

We Are Best Value
IronSclad Solutions, Inc. operates on a level of effort basis.  This means that we will mutually agree upon the number of days per month required to meet your expectations.  Following an initial meeting, we will evaluate your company’s business development requirements and develop a short proposal outlining the plan.

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